Linux theme problem

Hello, i just download knime in my recently installed Pop_os distribution, and when I execute it, this is how it looks:

As you can see, besides the esthetic problem, The content in the boxes is difficult to read. I tried to change the theme and the colors, but nothing seems to work. Any idea of how get the default light theme?

Do you have a form of dark-theme in your OS setting? If it’s not that, then check
File -> Preferences -> General -> Appearance
and fiddle with theme settings.

Thanks for your answer docminus2.

I have the default theme of POP_OS but it’s quite dark. I read in other posts that knime picks settings of the system distribution. Nevertheless I would prefer not to change the esthetics of my distribution.

After play with the settings, this is the best setting i was able to get is that:

It would be nice know how change the font color in the terminal and in the node names at the workfow in order to improve the readability.


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