What controls the console text color on linux?

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I have been trying to apply some dark themes on Linux Lite 5.8 which works generally well except for the text in the console being unreadable. Is there any parameter under the Appearance → Colors and fonts settings that can be used to control this? The background of the console is dark so I would like to set a light text color.

Please advise. Thanks,


Hi Evert,

Have you already tried to change the general Theme under Preferences → Appearance → Theming? There is a Theme offered named “System”, this could change colors to your default scheme and might have also an effect on the console view.


Hi, sorry for the delay, I had to reinstall and test some things. Either way, applying the system theme (Materia-dark) works but the text in the console windows is still difficult to read, it is very dark grey on black background…

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