List Files error on server when using path variable


We created a wf that runs on local machine (KAP) or KNIME server (as job), and accesses some sources (files) that are always on Server. When it runs on KAP, everything goes fine. This is the KAP branch executed:

This branch uses a mountpoint path referred to knime-server, as KAP has to get files from a remote folder on server.

This is the configuración of the other branch, which is executed when running de wf as job on sever (in this case sources are located in the same machine, so we use a mountpoint path referred to LOCAL):

But, when running as a job on the server, it always fails in that List Files node:

Some additional info about the error and the List Files node’s configuration:

I cannot show you the path flowvariable ruta_alarmas_path cause this type of variable doesn’t appear in the remote workflow editor. Our Executor versión is v4.2.2.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @jricgar , as you can see in your last screenshot, it says that the variable “ruta_alarmas_path” does not exist.

Looking at both of your String to Path (Variable) nodes, it appears that both would create a variable with suffix “_location”, so I would expect that you’d be using a variable that ends with “_location”.

Nope, it seems to me that this is also a bug, as I reported here. Path variables created with String to Path nodes in this workflow have always a “_path” suffix. From the Local branch:

This bug happens when I share a component including a String to Path node with a modified configuration. The “shared” component returns to “_location” suffix. Crazy…

But… maybe this bug causes the workflow to have different behaviour in KAP or in KNIME Server. If that, then path variables in KAP have the correct “_path” suffix, but in Server variables have a “_location” one. This is something I cannot check because path variables cannot be visualized with the remote workflow editor (probably one of the worst features in the whole KNIME platform).

Anyway, thanks for your help!

Hi @jricgar , one way to test is may be keep the default “_location” suffix since it seems to default to this, and use the variable with _location instead of _path and see if that works - this is more of a test, but could end up as a workaround if it works.

Good idea. But unfortunately, it didn’t work:

On KAP the local branch works perfectly even with the new path variable names.


Hey @jricgar

I was following your discussion. I will try to reproduce the issue – so thank you for letting me know your server version!

Could you do me a favour – could you try forcing executing the bottom branch (the one you execute on the server) locally and show me the output of the variable? Even if it is not 100% correct, I would like to see it.

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Hi @jricgar

Re-reading your post again, now I understand your problem. I think mountpoint local will not work in here.

Could you change the configuration on how you do it on the server to “relative to mountpoint” and then try to create a relative path? I think this should work better.

Best wishes


Hello @ana_ved ,

Sorry about the delay, but I was on holidays for the last weeks.

I can confirm you that your suggestion works perfectly and solved our problem.



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