String to path (Variable) bug


We are using String to path (Variable) node inside a component/metanode, we discovered a strange behaviour that seems to be a bug. Lets see why.

This is our component, that sets up all flow variables and connections we need for a wf:


Inside that component, we have a String to path (Variable) node:

We have modified the default suffix for the path variable from “_location” to “_path”. Then we save this component in our KNIME Server or Local machina as a shared component, and we create an absolute link. After doing it, we can check the configuration of this node remains invariable:

When we use this link (by drag&drop from server/local) in any workflow (including the previous one) and we use it, everything works but, if we open any of these component nodes, we see something really strange. Suffix has been changed again to its default value:

We are using KAP 4.3.2.

Any ideas?

Hi @jricgar

I can reproduce the issue. I’m afraid this is a bug in versions below 4.3.3 (internal reference: AP-16300).
However, the path is saved correctly. The bug occurs during opening of the configuration window, where the default value is used rather than the saved value.
If you don’t want to or can’t update, I’d suggest the workaround of setting the name each time you edit the configuration… Maybe add the wanted value as a note, so that others know what it should be when opening the configuration.

I’m very sorry for the inconvenience.

Kind regards


Thanks. We will update the Server in a few weeks. May I suppose this bug will dissapear when updating?


Yes, any KNIME Analytics Platform version from 4.3.3 (corresponds to server 4.12.3) onward will not have this bug.
If you require assistance for the server update, feel free to reach out to We’d be happy to help. :slight_smile:

Kind regards


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