Logic to capture excel forms submitted for the month and marking submission duration?

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Can somebody suggest some logic or rule set, wherein above case say a Vessel(VSL 1) submits 10 forms in form of excel namely (i.e 1.xlsx to 10.xlsx) considering form 3,5,7 submission is 3 monthly interval and rest all forms submission is every month.

What is required is that once the excel is captured (by list files and folder node) & we do know submission intervals (i.e 1 or 3 monthly) we should be able to check for the next submission data automatically considering September 2021 as a starting month for this form pattern.

Suppose consider VSL1 didn’t have 3 monthly forms then what it must do is in the future whenever those 3 monthly forms are submitted say in October , it must suggest us the next submission and the previous submission(3 months)-historical data.

Is that possible to consider September 2021 as a flag point?

As stated, I don’t think enough information has been provided to offer a solution. Several questions come to mind:

How do you know initially what file is associated with what month?
How do you know which files are quarterly, and which monthly?
Do you have to label month information manually?
Is any datestamp data available within the file itself?
What do you mean by “flag point”?

A screenshot of the file structure just doesn’t give us much to work with. It would be better if you could upload some dummy files, as well as your workflow in progress, so that folks here can get a better idea of what you’re trying to do.


Hi Scott it was the initial phase where I didn’t have an idea on exactly where to start, However, I have started something, I will share with you another forum link where I have developed some workflow for your reference and the above-mentioned question are further added to it.


since I have some confidential data I couldn’t share the exact workflow.

Since I have developed some things, here are the answers to your queries.

  1. How do you know initially what file is associated with what month?
    -Hyporthetheicaly considering the form in files 3,5,7 are to be submitted quarterly & the rest all monthly.
    Considering September 2021 as a flag month so if 3 monthly forms are received for a certain entity that month that means checking has been from the that month to 3 months or lastest when the forms 3,5,7 are submitted. If in September if the entity doesn’t receive any quarterly form assuming 3,5,7 are quarterly forms whenever it’s detected in the future say October or November it should consider 3 months back from there.

  2. How do you know which files are quarterly, and which monthly?

  • As mentioned above hypothetically its Form 3/5/7
  1. Do you have to label month information manually?
  • Can you pls clarify me on this, please?
  1. Is any date stamp data available within the file itself?
    -yes say file name to be like form03_08_Sep_2021.xlsx to use delimiter(_) in cell splitting

What do you mean by “flag point”?
-As mentioned in point 1 which every month the entity received the form say October or November or whenever that’s the flag point or starting point.

Hope this clarifies your question.
Please feel free to ask any further questions!

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Hi all, from this case what I want to achieve is that suppose in January 2021 if a form is submitted and 3monthly check column status is “captured” then automatically it should go back 3 months or the previous 3monthly check status= “captured”. However if the form submission period is more than 3 months it should say Submission delayed.
Can anyone help with this?

(I went ahead and merged your other topic into this one to keep things tidy).

It would be helpful if you could upload an example workflow of your progress so far - not a screenshot! - along with some sample dummy data. You obviously have done some data ingestion and conversion with KNIME already. But as it is, we can’t even read what your column names are, much less infer anything about the process used to generate your table.

This may be a useful template for you: Reproducible (Minimal) Workflow Example


Can you please share with me your Email @ScottF ?


Rule engine and Lag column node come to mind. Maybe you can explore those nodes an see whether they fit for your usecase

Tried both it didn’t help @Daniel_Weikert!
But thanks a lot for your suggestion!!

From what I understand someone on our support team has already reached out to you via email - I’ll let them take it from here.

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