Loop does not continue with looping

Hi all,


I have to following workflow layout to read multiple files with the first loop and to manipulate each file in a second loop:

List Files --> TableRow2VarLoopStart --"viaVARport"--> Line Reader --> ---> GroupLoopStart --> MetaNode--> LoopEnd(1) --> Loop End (2)

Everything is okay, but LoopEnd(2) stops after the first loop and stays "yellow" when starting with SHIFT&F7. If one then clicks on the LoopEnd(2) and starts this node with F7 again, then LoopEnd(2) starts again with the 2nd, 3rd,... loop. Because I will use this workflow in batch mode, it should run with SHIFT&F7.





Hi Frank,

That looks like a bug. Can you attach a simplified workflow? I guess it must be related to the meta node and its content. Are there any unconnected workflow branches in it or so?

A small example workflow would help (if it's too large you can also contact me by email and we set something up).



hi all, was there any resolution to this one ? i’m in more or less a similar situation

the loop only advances one iteration a time, each time i relaunch the loop end.
–there are 135 iterations to go through :smile:

if i don’t connect the metanode, the loop iterates happily; here is what i have in the metanode

any work-arounds for this situation?


for solution - see “Meta Node Within Loop”