Loopin in Knime Specially for Google Anylitics

Hello All,
I need help in making the loop in Google Analytics. Basically, I need to increase the number up to 1 million below mentioned is the screenshot of the Google Analytics Query node.
I have tried to connect the Google Analytics Connector node to Loop start and also tried to connect the Loop start node with Google API Connector, but it is not possible.
Can anyone help me out how to position and use the Loop node to increase the number up to 1 million?
Below mentioned is the screenshot of nodes.
Looking forward to the replay.
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Hi @Qamar -

I found a workflow that should help. It’s from @winter, and was originally posted a couple of years back in this thread: Google Analytics startIndex and maxResults not working as expected

You might try it out and see if you can adapt it for your case. If you’re not sure about the syntax or how loops should work, I’d encourage you to take a look at the KNIME Online Course, with a focus on flow variables in addition to loops: https://www.knime.com/knime-online-self-training

Here’s the workflow:

google_analytics_pagination.knwf (29.6 KB)

@ScottF Thank you for your kind support. I will try it and definitely I will see the tutorials but sadly no tutorial has been made on Google anylitics except for social media.
Thanks once again.

@Qamar Perhaps it is time for a new video on our Google Analytics integration. I noticed our most recent content there is about 4 years old. I’ll talk to our education folks about that :slight_smile:

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@ScottF thank you

@ScottF Not working I have also seen videos but as I said no video available on this kind of case. I am now helpless. Kindly just let me know how I place loop to get more than 10,000 cases from google anaylitics node.

Can you be more specific about how the workflow provided above is not working? What kind of error messages or warnings are you seeing?

I realize that there are not current videos specific to the Google Analytics nodes, but we have lots of material on loops and flow variables that should be applicable to what you’re trying to do.

@ScottF when I start loop is is not ending loop because last night my laptop is running for complete whole day but with no end results. I just want to increase cases to 1 millions. Right now google query has limitations of 10,000 cases only. How I will do that I cannot get it. Simple loop I know how to use and I have seen videos on it. You help will be benficial to me and as well as for others who are working with google anylitics query node.
Thank you in advance.

Without an error message or other diagnostic information, it is difficult to understand what the problem might be. You may need to post a minimal example workflow instead of just screenshots. For example, I can’t tell what configuration settings you are using on each node from just the workflow image.

One thing I noticed in your workflow that’s different from the example I posted is you are missing a Java Edit Variable node between the Counting Loop Start node and the initial Google Analytics Query node.

I think I would try setting up the workflow to generate 30000 results as a test case, instead of 1 million. Try to get the smaller dataset working, then ramp it up.

@ScottF thank you for your swift reply. I will do with 30,000 and post the example workflow so that you can guide me in better manner.
Thank you once again.