Lost KNIME Explorer when upgrading to 3.6

When I upgraded my existing environment (from the Dec 6th release - 3.5.3 + extensions) my KNIME Explorer started showing an exclamation point. I was able to go into the dialog and re-add my local environment to the explorer but not the examples server or our KNIME server. I installed a fresh copy of 3.6 and then was able to add those two back into the same workspace so I think that should be fine. I just thought I would mention it in case anyone else experiences that or to see if anyone had thoughts on how it was caused.



thank you for informing us! We’ll investigate the error and try to reproduce it.
On which system do you run KNIME?



a possible fix is to run KNIME via your terminal using “-clean” as a parameter.

  1. open your command prompt/terminal
  2. navigate to your KNIME installation
  3. Windows: run “knime -clean” (without the quotes)
    Linux/MacOS run “./knime -clean” (without the quotes)

If anybody encounters that problem it would be nice to mention that in this thread so we can narrow it down.
If this doesn’t help you, please let us know.



That worked, thanks for the help!

Dear All,
I have the same problem. I have the Knime 3.6 and I was installing the new “column expression node” on Windows Server. But Knime was in use on the same Windows server by another user. After restarting Knime the explorer disappeared.

I solved with the command: knime -clean


Dear all,

I had the same error ( Knime explorer was not loading after upadte from 3.5.3 to 3.6) and the
knime -clean command fixed it




I’m having a slightly related issue as well. Mine is with the repository manager error and KNIME Core extension nodes no longer exist.

I had posted here but we can consolidate: KNIME Core Extension Nodes missing with version 3.6.2 update

I followed the command prompt steps (but let me know if I did this wrong):
step 1: cd C:\Program Files\KNIME
step 2: knime -clean

This launched knime but I’m still having the same error about the repository. Any help would be great.