MacOS ARM (Apple Silicon) Native Application

I searched through the forum and only found 1 post from a couple years ago asking about M1 support, and then a response from December of 2021 saying that there is an ARM native version out. However, looking at the downloads page I only see the x86-64 version for MacOS and when I run the app it’s running through Rosetta (Apples X86 to ARM translation layer) with no option to swap to native code. Does anyone know where to find the native build?

On that note, is there any thoughts about a native ARM build for Windows as well? I know several people who love their ARM laptops, but only when it runs ARM native code. Apparently Microsoft’s translation layer is not nearly as fleshed out as Apple’s.

Link to the post I’m referring to: KNIME on Apple M1

Thanks for that question! Currently there is no native M1 build for KNIME. We are on it! KNIME AP 4.5 comes with an updated Java version (which is a requirement to providing an ARM build), KNIME 4.7 will come with an update Eclipse (another requirement; just completed last week); the last step will be to provide that product build for M1. I’m positive we can publish one for 4.7 or 4.8.

Just to confirm: Do you currently see any issues with the x86_64 build through Rosetta? (We don’t; and many people internally have an M1).


All good except no Tensorflow for Mac M1

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