Match cell value of one Excel sheet with Column Header of another

Hi All,

I’m new to KNIME and I am trying to create this workflow which involves 2 different Excel files.

I would like to know how can I match the cell values of a column in file 1 with the column header of file 2.


@arnabsinha07 welcome to the KNIME forum.

KNIME has a lot of functions that might help you do that in combination. Like extract column header from a table or joiner to combine data.

Maybe you could provide us with some more details or even a sample that represents your question. That would make it easier to assist.

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Hi mlauber71,

Thank you for reading and replying to my post!

Okay I will try to detail it out as best as I can:

File 1 - there’s a column called Merchant Group ID; it usually denoted by a 3-digit number, e.g. 420, 440, 445, etc. These numbers are used to denote different cities.

File 2 - There are multiple columns in the single sheet of that file. Each of the columns has heading like 420, 444, 445, 460, etc.

Note: The no. of unique values in the column of file 1 will be the same as the no. of columns of file 2 - simply because these are those same cities.

So, if row 1 of file 1 has value ‘444’, I need to look for ‘444’ column header in file 2.

Attached are some images for the same. Hope this helps.




And then what?
What is this workflow intended to accomplish?


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