Merging Knime Excel Output with Macro Enabled Excel Spreadsheet

I am using KNIME 3.4.2 and have a KNIME workflow that exports an excel spreadsheet. Inside the spreadsheet there is two tabs. The first tab is empty and called "Summary". The other tab is data from KNIME called "Data". I then have another Excel file which has one tab with macros. Is there a way to merge the macro enabled excel spreadsheet into the exported KNIME excel spreadsheet? Or a way for KNIME to read a macro enabled excel spreadsheet?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Katrina,

with the Excel Sheet Appender node you should be able to merge your sheets from KNIME into the macro enabled xlsm file.


Hi Marten,

Thank you for your response, I am still having issues with getting the sheet to run. 
Below is the the format for the excel writers 
I have all my KNIME data going into the Excel Writer (XLS)-- Inside this the output location is a .xlsm
Then I have the Excel Reader (XLS) and put my macro enabled excel sheet into this and that goes into the Excel Sheet Appender (XLS) -- the output location is the same as the first Excel Writer.

When I run this I get the following error:


^^ When I run the macro enabled sheet alone it runs fine but when I try to use KNIME to open the sheet it gives me the above error.

Hi Katrina,

Thanks for the followup.

As stated in the node description, the Excel Writer node is only able to write files in xls and xlsx format. That is probably why you get an error, when you try to open the file again. The Excel Sheet Appender node also states that it can only output xls and xlsx files. However, if you specify an xlsm file in the output file-location, you can add an Excel sheet to an existing xlsm file. This should do the trick for you.


Thank you Marten! This worked.