MISSING SharePoint Library Connection - What extension?


I am new to KNIME and at work I received a workflow with already existing nodes for some of which I was missing the required extensions. I let KNIME detect the missing extensions and then install them but after doing so one particular node was not recognized - SharePoint Library Connection. It is shown in my wf as MISSING SharePoint Library Connection.

In what ways is it possible to fix that? My colleague is using this particular node when trying to connect to the SP cloud. Thank you in advance!

Hi @dragomirpetrov

There were some Sharepoint nodes that one of the KNIME Partners makes. You should reach out to your colleague to see if that is the case, as we don’t host these nodes anywhere that I am aware of.

We do however our version of Sharepoint connections that you could try to replace into the workflow that have been recently released.
SharePoint Online Connector.

Wali Khan


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