Missing Values Configuration

“Missing Value” node has a bug? or something wrong? Developers please see below. Should I make a new topic?

I am attaching a screenshot of the previous workflow. Workflow is under loop to process all columns. Some columns are strings and some integers or doubles. Whenever I try to change the configuration of the “Missing Value” node there is a different option. I need all options! Is that possible to change it?
Consequently, I am forced to have one or another (setting for string or double) depending which column will loop first. I found a work around by setting workflow to process string first and change the setting for strings in the “Missing Value” node, and then repeat the same process for double first. Then I do run the workflow and loop for all columns that include strings and doubles. But, this is hard. Could developers please revise the “Missing Value” node?
Thank you.

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Hi there @amars,

created a new topic for this.

Missing Values node present only column types available from previous node. Will check it more and get back to you.

EDIT: Ticket created to improve handling in such cases. (internal reference: AP-13903)


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One way could be to configure the missing value setting with all the columns present. Save that as a PMML file and then when it comes to the point in the loop where you will either have a string or a column due to looping thru one column at a time only you can import the PMML settings.

I will try and see if I can include that with the workflow from the other thread.

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Here you go:

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