Missing values in Excel Reader

Hello everybody

In this example I want the columns with missing values not to get skipped. Although there is no value in the columns I want to show the columns in the end.

I have tried the missing value operator, but when I put it after the Excel Reader there are already no missing values in the table anymore.

Is there any possibility to adapt the “more options” and to get rid off the cross at “skip empty cokumns” (see photo attached)

Thanks in advance and have a nice day

hi @Schimmel004,

have a look at the Options within the “More Options” part and uncheck “Skip empty columns” e.g.
Afterwards you can handle these missing values the Missing Value Node as you already mentioned.

*edit: However, now I see, that this part of the configuration window is grayed out. I don’t know what’s the reason for that. Can you please share your excel file?

Hope this helps, Tommy

Hi there @Schimmel004,

this was an issue in KNIME version 4.0.0. and was fixed with version 4.0.1. See here:

Solution would be to update your KNIME :wink:



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