Missing workflow search in new UI

Hi Guys,

I really like the new tuxedo :person_in_tuxedo: (UI) of KNIME :smile:. However, I am still missing some features. For example in KNIME for Mac, I cannot look for my Workflows using the search option as in the old UI version. I have a lot of workflows and sometimes I just dont remember where I left them.

The same is true here:

Perhaps I didn’t see it.



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Hi @VAGR_ISK , no I don’t think you are just not seeing it, and I too hope that search will be re-introduced in Modern UI soon.

I also hope that one day it will be possible to list workflows in date order, which is something that has been on my personal “wish list” for quite a while now…

So without search, I resort to either dropping back to Classic UI, or I make more use of my “recent workflows” component to tell me where I put things :wink:
Although unfortunately it may take a few minutes to run on a large workspace.


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