More solutions to "Java heap space" error?


I met ‘Java heap space’ error when running regression learner and Statistics Node.
And I have already increased the java memory to 8g by change -Xmx8g in in Knime.ini.
But it couldn’t solve the problem.
Is there any other solutions to solve this problem than increase Java memory space?

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When I met this error I change the memory policy … select write tables to disc. For nodes I use it works but I have no experience with statistics nodes… give it a try
You can find it in the configuration window.

Hope this helps you

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Thanks for your answer. I have tired your suggestion, but unfortunately it doesn’t work.
Neither for regression learner Node nor statistics node.

More configuration settings need be changed in this case? I am a pretty beginner to KNIME.


You can also try to increase the usage of ram and number of cells in memory. Please see Knime Ram Usage

Also look at


Hi @Meihong,

have couple of questions for you.

  • Is there something specific about your data?
  • How many records and columns does it have?
  • How many memory you have on your laptop and do you run simultaneously other applications?
  • How does your workflow design looks like?
  • Can you share workflow (dummy data works as well as long as heap error is given with it) for someone else to try it out?
  • What KNIME version are you running?

Additionally see here about configuring knime.ini file and table caching possibilities in KNIME.


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Increase the number of cells in memory works!

Thanks a lot!


Hey andrejz,

I searching for the Knime.ini file, which contain the -Xmx8g settings, but I didn´t find this. May it is possible to made some screenshots?
So I can find it.

Thanks a lot.



The knime.ini file is in the root folder where KNIME is installed.

Hope this helps.

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Hey andrejz,

i found it, thank you. I was just focused on .ini. image

After that I restarted KNIME , and this ERROR cames

Thank you for your answer

Sorry for that, but I have no experience with MOE extension
What if you go back to old settings in knime.ini, do you get this error?

The MOE message is just a warning. Unless you are actively using those nodes, you can ignore it. :slight_smile:


Hey andrejz and ScottF,

I tried to execute my Workflow with no success.First I had the impression that ERROR MoePreference was responsible for.

But I had no MOE Node in my Workflow, after the restart from my Laptop the Workflow was running. :slight_smile:

Thank you andrejz and ScottF


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