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Hi KNIMErs & movie lovers,

Sometimes we waste a lot of time to decide which movie to watch especially when we are with friends or family. :smile:

At the beginning you enter the name of 3 movies you like, the workflow searches each movie’s name in Metacritic website and Finds name of the critics who gave this film a score above 90.
It then opens the page related to each of the critics and extracts the name of the movies that these critics have given a score of 100.
Finally it counts the number of repetitions of each movie in the list and gives you top 5 with name of director, genre, runtime, year of production and link to review of that movie on Roger Ebert’s website.
It may have some bugs and be a little slow.

I hop you enjoy it!
Movie Suggestion.knwf (2.4 MB)


  1. First of all please go to Metacritic website and search your movies and copy the name and production year from there (this is because Some movies, such as Downfall, have different production year on Metacritic website and some movies like Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood, have different writing modes)

  2. If your internet speed is slow, it may take a while to see the result (15 - 45 min in three-movie version). To change the accuracy and execution time you can adjust the nodes specified in the red boxes or if you are in a hurry you can cancel the execution of the node inside the blue box and see the result in previous node first view.

P.S. Thanks @qqilihq for Selenium nodes and free trial.



Super cool, I will definitely use this for my next movie nights. Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

Could you drop me an email to once you have time?


Hi Phillip,

I hope you enjoy it.
Sure I’ll send you an email.

O-M-G! What a wonderful idea! Before I dive deeper why I love this workflow, here’s the list that KNIME came up with for me (based on “one movie mode” choosing “The Godfather” as movie)

What I find quite surprising is that there quite a lot of movies I didn’t even know. It’s also a good mixture of classics and newer movies (there’s Avatar but there’s also On the Waterfront from the mid 50s)

I thought it would probably a lot of the usual suspects and maybe that would have been the case if I ran the “3 movies mode”.

Amazing job @mehrdad_bgh for this workflow (and of course to @qqilihq for the SE Nodes).

I immediately thought of some other use cases that impliment a very similar logic and could strongly benefit from this share:

  • An Amazon booklist: could also be limited to non-fiction books
  • A list of people (LinkedIn profiles, Twitter accounts) to connect with
  • A list of hotels you liked and others as well

Basically everything that gets a review or something like a like could be interesting here.

Once again: fantastic job! Now off to the TV screen (my Prime Video account needs to do some purchases :smile: )


Hi @kowisoft , Thank you for your kind reply. I’m happy you like it! actually I had started similar workflow for books but I didn’t have enough free time to finish it. LinkedIn idea is great, I really need more connections :smile:. Soon I’ll create a topic and ask you guys there what features do we need for our LinkedIn add connections bot.
Br, Mehrdad


Well this is already pretty easily done. I have created a LinkedIn group scraper (so to say) that scrapes members from focus groups and exports them to a table (see this post here)

The things left to do there is use that table, loop through each line (maybe also with a randomized delay) and connect to the people you have previously filtered out as “interesting”.

If you want, I can also share what I created using the SE Nodes.

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Awesome, I would be grateful if you share.

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Hi @natanzi,

Sorry I had to delete my last topic. What feature did you request?

Br, Mehrdad

Hi Mehrdad,
Its about delete unfolow account in linkedin felow. Also, your flow is nice and usefull


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Hi Milad,

Sure, added to my list. You can message me in LinkedIn for more detail.
Thanks for your kind reply.

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