MS SharePoint Lists - Accessing Embedded Files

Dear all,

I tried hard to access files attached to a list item in a Sharepoint list. I have not been successful. I was trying to utilize the SharePoint Connector Nodes so far, only.

Does anyone have a hint or solution for me? Is there an “GET” request I can use?

Thank you in advance!

BTW: I would also +1 for the possibility to modify and append Sharepoint lists (SharePoint List: Append or Insert to existing list.).

Hi @linkm -

Can you be more specific about how things with the nodes aren’t working for you? What does your workflow in progress look like? What errors and warnings are you seeing?

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Actually, I do not have any errors, yet:

2023-10-26 17_41_46-KNIME Analytics Platform

However, I see a table, only. I am not able to access files that are stored within a list element.

I was trying to retrieve some basic information (and maybe files in a later state) via REST API … however, I failed so far as explained in the following thread (I should have combined both … shame on me):