SharePoint List: Append or Insert to existing list.

Hi all,

I am looking for a solution to do writeback to an existing SharePoint-List with KNIME. I tried using the SharePoint Online List Writer, but it seems that only overwrite the list and do not do appends or inserts.

If it something that I am doing wrong or the feature is not available yet?

Also, I am noticing the column “Title” from SP List is something that KNIME automatically related it with the column of RowID, where can I submit this bug? I think that if a KNIME table have a column name “Title”, it should take this column instead of the RowID.

Many thanks in advance!

Hi @Ultraman -

I did a bit of digging and appending to Sharepoint lists is not currently supported with the SharePoint Online List Writer. I guess you would need to read the file, append the data in KNIME, and rewrite the complete file.

I wasn’t aware of the issue with RowIDs in Sharepoint. As a workaround, have you tried using the RowID node to extract that info into a separate column?

Thanks Scott for your response!

Can we submit a request in order to add a node or modify SharePoint Online List Writer to be able to do appends (this way some columns like the ID or date columns are not impacted).

About the second point, I was also referring to the SharePoint Online List Writer, it writes using as reference RowID to the SharePoint List Column Title automatically.


+1 for adding an append option when writing to sharepoint lists. This would make the node much more useful!

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