Multiple results from one sheet

I have a data like this.

How can I create multiple spreadsheet with different name.
i.e One spreadsheet for Bob, second for ROB, Third for Jcob.
In an actual data I have 20 different names for name. So I need 20 different spreadsheet from one big sheet.
How can I do that?

Use Group by to get a list of names;
Chunk loop to loop through the list
inside use Rule engine for filtering records for current name;
string manipulation node to create path+name
pass path to Excel Writer
End of loop

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Thanks @izaychik63. But in my case group by function eliminated some data.
Because I want data as is for different names, I can not select any aggregation.
And if I use all the column as a group by, it eliminates some data.
I don’t know why it is happening.

You need group by for list of names. The original table will connected to the Rule Engine inside loop. Also, Table Row to Variable Loop may work for you better.

Can you please provide a sample workflow. I am kind of confused with the loop.
Thank you

Look here


Thank you @izaychik63 for you suggestions.
Here is the solution workflow.

Tushar Patel


Very good that you found compact and original solution.

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