Named range and tables in Excel

Unless I did not see it at the moment Excel Reader and Writer Nodes do not manage named ranges (or even better tables) in Excel. It could be extremely convenient to do so… Power Query has this feature and it does take away all the pain of selecting in which columns/rows to fish the data…

If you use the write to excel template approach then you can create the named range on the excel side and update it with KNIME. Works great.

I agree that having the option to read and write via named ranges would be convenient. It would be a nice addition.

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You can use this in the mean time as well.


@zioludo there is no dedicated node but you can use the bundled Python version of KNIME and OpenPyxl to handle tables and named ranges with KNIME. Here are examples:

KNIME and Python’s openpyxl to extract named tables (ranges) from Excel file (using the bundled KNIME Python version)

KNIME and Python’s openpyxl to define and name a Data area in Excel (using the bundled Python version)



Haven’t seen these. Great work!

How does this python approach to naming excel ranges work with existing names? Can it handle subsequent workflow executions, or sending updates to the range values of an existing name without corruption?

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