Native Bar Chart Node Customization?

I know that we lost our ability to customize charts via CSS when we moved to the newer chart nodes, but the bar charts still don’t have clean way to visualize Budget vs Actual. I was really hoping to get customizable per bar reference lines to contrast Actual data with Budget targets. Currently it handles only a single data series and dimensions can only be stacked or grouped. I can pivot or pre-aggregate input data to contrast 2 series of data as a single series, but I lose the ability to have categorization breakdowns since I need to use the dimensions to reflect different series of data. Even with the pre-aggregation approach, color customization alone doesn’t allow us to visually differentiate the budget vs actual data cleanly enough to avoid confusion.

Until multi-series representation is possible with the Bar Graph, is there a way to customize the bar size for a certain dimension to help visually differentiate it from the main dataset? In the past I have set the Budget dimension bar size to 1/3rd of the Actual bar size as well as a standardized color to clean it up.

I know that I can use python or java based code for custom visualizations, but my end goal is not the visualization. I need the user selections to drive calculations on the underlying data. The ability to utilize dynamic chart filter selections is an absolute necessity for my interactive data app designs. Just looking for possible workarounds until the chart nodes get a bit more advanced.

Here is a link to some more details on a prior request. Not sure why it is marked “Implemented” since the updated bar chart node doesn’t address any of the issues.

About the linked thread, I probably moved that to the Implemented Fixes category by mistake. I can move it back to Feedback & Ideas.

As to the issues you raise in your topic, maybe @DanielBog can provide some insight?

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