Need to know the nodes that uses a particular Flow variable

I have a wokflow with few flow variables. CASE SWITCH nodes are used in WF, the logic will be decided based on the value of FV (“CASE_SWITCH_MODE_1”)

Using Finding a node that defines a column or flow variable I can find the origin of the FV (“CASE_SWITCH_MODE_1”), But how can I find which nodes are referencing CASE_SWITCH_MODE_1".

Manually going through the nodes inside the component is time consuming process, If there is any way to find all the nodes referencing CASE_SWITCH_MODE_1?
Please let me know.

I built examples how to search for certain terms within the xml files that make up a KNIME node/workflow. Maybe you can give this a try:

The WF that you had referred above will work only for less number of xml files (until 50 files works). If WF is large I am getting Serialization error.


Any suggestion on how to fix this issue? Currently I am using notepad to search the nodes.

The error sounds more like there is some field with missing values. Not sure how to handle that with documents.

But you might have a look if you could adapt an approach not using Documents. I am not sure where the information about flow variables are stored you might have to adapt that.

Then if it really is a question of the number of WF you might try to do it in chunks (of 25 maybe).

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