New column for data from multiple excel sheets


I have a problem. I try to use the excel reader to browse my folder and read several (the amount is changing) sheets in different excel files. Each sheet contains sales data for the current and previous year.

The problem is, that if i read those excel sheets, they are arranged in a table one below another. The column then consists data from several years.

My problem is:

  1. I have to separate those years in columns
  2. I have to delete the duplicated columns (because I always have the previous year included as well)

Could you please help me?

A row splitter would be sufficient for two tables, but I have several.
I only need the one extra column per year.

Hello @Max98,

have you had any success with your task? Seems to me you should use loop for your task. Either after reading all sheets with single node use loop and detect cut off in every iteration which you’ll then append using Loop End (Column Append) node either use Excel Reader in a loop and do the same.



@Max98 welcome to the KNIME forum. Could you provide us with a sample dataset/workflow that fully represents your challenge that would make it easier to possibly suggest a solution.

Try to set your reader to read headers from row 3 and data from row 5.

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