New UI: UI throwing error if workflow outside of Workspace is opened


when switching to the new UI I faced this error and reload didn’t resolve it.

  "app": "KnimeUI",
  "message": "'other' has different root",
  "vueInfo": null,
  "stack": "Error: 'other' has different root\n    at new o (\n    at e.convertJSONToRPCError (\n    at e.processResult (\n    at e.resolveRes (\n    at e.resolveResponse (\n    at Oae.sendData (\n    at async (\n    at async si.initializeApplication ("

Switching back to the Claassic UI partially recovered the UI but, well, broken …

In order to replicate it follow these steps:

  1. Start Knime with Classic-UI
  2. Open a workflow i.e. from your Downloads folder. It must not be in your workspace)
  3. Switch to Modern UI and observe the issue

This does NOT apply for workflows opened from the Hub either vi Workflow Explorer or Drag & Drop from the Browser but only when opened locally.


Thank you @mwiegand for reporting this issue.

The problem sounds similar to this:

Could you check if your workspace and the temp folder are both in the same drive or not?

I can confirm that my workspace is located on a separate “E:” drive than the the temp dir which is located on “C:”.

Dump question, related to the extensive performance tests I carried out, is it possible to customize the temp data path?


You can modify the temp folder: Preferences > KNIME:

I also created a new ticket for this issue: NXT-2607
Thanks for reporting!


Internal ticket ID: NXT-2607
Fix version(s): 5.1.4, 5.2.4, 5.3.0
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