NLR regression with R Learner

Hi, I’m quite a new user of this platform.
I need to implement a “non linear regression” model in knime with R and I’m using using “R learner” node with the “nls” function. I don’t know whether it’s a matter of library that I need to upload or is a mistake on the scripting, but it keeps stopping beacause of a error.

This is the script I wrote inside the R Learner node:

data <-
exp <-function($“months”, a, b) {a * exp(-b *$“months”)}
nlinR <- nls($“Price” ~ exp($“Age_in_months”, a, b),, start=list(a=80000,b=0.1))

And the error is the following:

ERROR R Learner 0:660 Execute failed: Error in R code:
Error: :6:20: unexpected ‘$’
5: data <-
6: exp <-function(data$

Can anyone help?
Thank you very much

@Brutus welcome to the KNIME forum.

Not having studied this in great detail but from want I remember some R packages do not like the dot in the “” file name. Maybe try with the data file table you created.

If this does not help maybe you could provide a minimal example that demonstrates the problem.

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