Node management in big workflows

Hi all,

I’m looking for a way to handle the positioning of nodes in big workflows.

In my current workflow I have a Microsoft Authentication Node and a Sharepoint Online connector in the center.

For example: When I create a new node (Excel Writer, writes data to Sharepoint) I create the node next to the Sharepoint Online connector, lower the Zoom value and then drag it all the way to the desired location to connect it with my last output node.

This is fine for smaller workflows but my current WF is getting pretty big.

I was looking for a way to quickly move nodes from one end of the workflow to the other end. Or maybe put something like an “anchor” position somewhere and use a key combination to move the node to the anchor.

Is there a good way to position nodes quickly?

Many thanks!

Hi @TobiP

Make sure to cast your vote on this topic, which is a solution to your problem :wink:

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