Node repository search not working in Ubuntu 18.0

This issue has been reported several times. For instance:

You are actually unable to select the search edit box. In my case I am using Ubuntu Mate 18.04.4.

Please check my screenshot showing the problem.



We did investigations (internal: AP-13080) at the end of last year but reproducibility varied from person to person (for example, I could replicate this under Ubu1604 using GTK3, but not 1604 using GTK2 and not at all in Ubu1804.) It was thought that under certain situations resizing of the main KAP window introduced this issue - but other issues were more pressing so we paused work on this until a regularly reproducible methodology was found.

Hi @quaeler @peleitor I recognize it on my machine as well. My workaround is to minimize the Node Repository View after I started KNIME and then Restore it. After that I can select the nodes with no problem.
gr. Hans


I can confirm this is currently happening with GNOME 2 (Ubuntu Mate) and GNOME 3 (standard Canonical Ubuntu), 18.04.

Thanks. Unfortunately this does not work for me. It is a real annoyance.

Another potential workaround (even though only slightly less annoying) would be to select the top-most item in the node repository list by clicking it once (XML To PMML in your screenshot) and then pressing Shift + Tab twice. This moves the input focus back to first the little arrow, then the search box.

At least this seems to work on my Ubuntu 19.10 machine.


Also annoying, but a workaround that used to work for me is opening a metanode, component or another workflow. Then, I was able to use the node repository search.

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