not good histogram

Hello, I would like to create a histogram, but I’ve been trying to pivot the data, and I still can’t get a clean histogram. Here are my data after using the ‘group by’ and ‘pivot’ functions:

The histogram I’m trying to create is for ‘Males’ and ‘Females’ per ‘age_interval’.

If someone could guide me, sincerely


Hello @Arkhetype
You can take a look to this recent post in forum:


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Thank you, I tried to rotate it, but I still can’t generate a clean histogram :confused:

Maybe you could upload your workflow, showing what you’ve tried so far?

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v1.knwf (103.6 KB)

Assuming your data isn’t confidential, could you either upload the workflow in a non-reset state, or upload the data files as well? In its present state we can’t see your configuration for the bar charts.

I don’t know how to make it not reset. But my data is not confidential it’s for an exercise

Hi @Arkhetype , execute your workflow , then export it. When exporting there is a tick box “reset workflow”. Make sure that isn’t ticked before continuing with the export. Then upload the exported workflow here.

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v2.knwf (464.4 KB)

just from newbie submission, i’ve created a fresh histogram from the data you provided. increased the number of bars to 8 by reducing the scale to 5/bin instead of 10 as in your workflow, just to make the histogram more presentable.

apologies if it does not fully meet your “clean histogram” requirements.



Hello @Arkhetype
You can estimate the ages from $Date_naissance$ with ‘Date&Time Difference’ node. Calculating the difference to ‘current execution date & time’ or from a ‘fixed date&time’ when the data happened to be released. Then you can work directly on your age series.

Would be helpful if you can share a a view of your expected output. Is it a histogram trellis by $age_interval$? is ir a trellis $age_interval and $Sexe$? do you want to combine bars with bell shape?..

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