Outline view displays inaccurate picture

I noticed couple of times before the Outline view was not synchronized with how the workflow really looked like. I seldom use the view. Today I tried using it to clean my workflow up and I saw it clearly. The Outline view displays a different picture than it should. Let’s have a look:

It is obvious the highlighted area of the Outline view doesn’t match with the workflow above it.

This is the whole workflow with 33% zoom applied.

Again, the Outline view displayed something bit different.
Is this MacOS release specific behavior or is this a common problem?

Same here on macOS. This never really worked for me properly during the last years – my “solution”: Closed the tab, forgot about it.

– Philipp

Hi folks - thanks for the feedback. We do have a ticket about this in the system (AP-10819) but I will add a reference to this thread as a +1.


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