Outlook Send Email Node Error

Hi dear Knimers and @supersharp ,

I found ur solution related ms office outlook. Now I m trying to follow your steps, but I confused where u mentioned about password.

I have set the following settings:

But I did not understand, which password I should take. Because here I downloaded app authenticator for outlook, and it gives me one session password

Please can you help me to solve this issue. Our company uses okta in order to authenticate to any apps, including outlook

Karlygash :innocent:


Hi there @Karlygash,

It looks like your Microsoft Admin needs to allow App Passwords. This is not showing in your screenshot, because it looks like its the first time you’re setting up MFA perhaps.


Once you’ve setup authentication, try to go here: Sign in to your account
More info: How to register for Azure Multi-Factor Authentication - YouTube
The App Password allows a non-Microsoft tool to use the email settings. Please see the Microsoft link here:
Manage app passwords for two-step verification

Hope this helps!


hi @supersharp ,
thanks for clear explanation
I have registered multi factor authentication, in which I have one time password code
But anyway, I did not understand which password I should get, cuz it is giving me one time password only…
If it is possible, can we have a quick call? In that case i can share my screen and share my config as well

Thanks :innocent:

Hi @Karlygash
To clarify, the one-time authentication password and the app password are completely different:

  • one-time is when you are trying to login, and Microsoft wants to validate you are actually the person who says so you, so they send you a one-time password to a pre-registered device (phone, Microsoft Authenticator App, etc)
  • app password is a Microsoft generated password (that stays the same) which you can use in non-Microsoft applications
    See the images below on the difference.

The app password requires your Microsoft Administrator to allow you to create one. If you do not see the option to create an ‘app password’ option when you go to this site: Sign in to your account, then you may not be allowed to generate one. In that case, you should speak to your Microsoft Administrator (IT or Helpdesk) to see if they can allow it…

<< as you can see here I have an app password created for KNIME

Also note, this will not work with shared mailboxes!

Hope this helps further clarify.


To add, the Administrator for Microsoft will need to set the following as enabled in order for you to use the KNIME Send Email nodes when MFA is in place:



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