Parameterize Filter options in CSV Reader node

Hello guys.
I’m trying to do the same procedure from this link Parameterize Filter options in CSV Reader nodes

For filter my file, I just want to create a string variable to replace the filter file_name with a variable.
But I can’t at all.

In my folder I have 8 files but only one with “202209” in the name.

In my “filter options” I have only checked “File name”, write the name with wildcard character and checked again “Wildcard” = true.

The default procedure works fine.

Then I tried to create a string flow variable named " 202209 " and input in flow variable configuration.

After that I unchecked:

Then went to:

My node is not working, and It’s reading all the files.
What I’m doing wrong?

From Brazil.

Leave that checked the value(s) will be replaced by the flow variable