Passing external values to a table creator node


Let say, I have two table creator nodes. One is filled by manually. I want to pass the values of that filled table to the other empty table creator node. After, I will continue to fill the second table. Is it possibe to make such a thing?

I will be very glad for any help.

Thanks a lot.

I am trying to solve this problem by the below method. But, I can’t manage to pass the first table’s values to the second table:


Hi @statman,

I think these topics are similar to your issue here. Please take a look:


Hi @armingrudd,

Thanks for giving your time. I examined the examples. These examples seems related to my problem. I tried to understand these exmaples to solve my problem. But, I can’t manage to solve the problem yet. Maybe a more detailed explanation can help me.

Thanks a lot.

To fill a table creator with variables in a loop, you cannot use the Table Row To Variable Loop Start node since this node does not convert collection columns to variable, instead, you can use the Chunk Loop Start + Table Row to Variable nodes. Here is an example:

21870-1-1.knwf (25.4 KB)


And why would you do this?

I would recommend recreating the table using table row to variable and column nodes


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