Pause button

Continuing the discussion from pause and resume the workflow execution:

I would like to make another case for a ‘Pause workflow execution’ button. I sometimes run nodes that take hours (overnight, even with parallel execution) which significantly slows down my computer. It would be great if one could temporarily pause the execution of a node to free up resources for other tasks, and resume the execution at a later point in time.

Best wishes for 2022/Evert

Hi Evert,
Do you have single nodes that take hours to complete or workflows? As mentioned in that thread, pausing single nodes is not possible. I don’t think it will be implemented, because it would screw over the performance optimisation.

It has probably not been communicated clearly though, workflows can be paused. Simply cancel the execution of a node and the WF will execute up to that node and then stop. It can even be saved, closed, and you can still resume where you left off. Loops can be paused, but partially executed loops can’t be saved. Also, since partially executed loops sometimes behave strangely, I recommend not doing that other than for developing your WF.


I have single nodes that take hours to complete, e.g. RDKit nodes filtering through several millions of rows. I know workflows can be stopped, but I would like to be able to really pause nodes that have long execution times.


Thank you for clearing that up. Would it be an option to break up the task into smaller pieces, e.g. with an additional layer of a Chunk Loop?