PDB Report Node

Are there any updates on the status of a Custom PDB Report node?

In a previous post from December 2020, it was stated that there was a prototype in development and release was planned for Q1 2021.

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Hi @elsamuel,

The node is still very much ‘in development’ I’m afraid at the moment. We have a node which will currently work for certain subsets of standard report only. Making it more general is proving more troublesome than anticipated, but it is still being worked on. I would rather not release the node in its current form only to have to make breaking changes to it in a future fully-functional version.

Sorry, that’s almost certainly not the answer you were hoping for.



Thanks for the update. I spent yesterday playing around with the “new” PDB query and custom reporting service on the website and I think I can see how creating this node is a challenge. I’m just barely brushing the surface, and already the json and csv outputs have been a pain to work with.