Prevent duplicate data entry in SQL through KNIME

I have a lot of data and information that is added daily, which is too much and cannot be stored in Excel.
I want to enter that information into the SQL database and use it later
I want to prevent duplicate data entry (based on two columns) during data entry.
How can I do this through KNIME?
I use the following nodes to enter information

@alex1368 typically a database would prevent duplicate entries thru PRIMARY keys. You might want to check your database and configure it that way. You could also do that with a local H2 database for example. Then you might have to decide what to do if you encounter a duplicate key

You can also check in advance if your database already has the keys you want to insert beforehand and then act accordingly.

These examples might be worth exploring. But maybe you give us some more details about what you ant to do and maybe even some dummy/sample data to illustrate your point.

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