Preview of KNIME Analytics Platform 5.3.0

Hello community developers,

KNIME Analytics Platform 5.3.0 comes with lots of improvements:

  • Continued improvements to the UI/UX of KNIME Analytics Platform
  • New Expression node for data manipulation with AI assistance
  • More nodes available in the modern UI
  • Google Ads integration for marketing analytics

On a more technical note, we have also updated the version of several software packages that the Analytics Platform is built upon. First and most importantly, we updated the underlying Eclipse version to 2024-03. While at it, we also updated several other software packages.

This may require developers of community extensions to adapt their code to the new environment (target platform). We compiled the most important changes to the target platform to help you making your extensions compatible with KNIME Analytics Platform 5.3.0.

Bundle Renames

A couple of software packages (bundles) have been renamed, such that you have to update your manifest files. Some bundles have undergone major version updates, in which case the version constraints of your dependencies need to be relaxed. Most of the updates should require no changes to the source code.

Old Bundle Old Version Replacement Replacement Version Major Version Update
com.jayway.jsonpath.json-path 2.4.0 json-path 2.9.0
com.jayway.jsonpath.json-path-assert 2.4.0.v20210507-knime json-path-assert 2.9.0.v20240523v3-knime
javaewah 1.1.13.v20211029-0839 com.googlecode.javaewah.JavaEWAH 1.2.3
javax.annotation 1.3.5.v20221203-1659 jakarta.annotation-api 2.1.1
javax.transaction 1.1.1.v201105210645 jakarta.transaction-api 2.0.1 Yes
javax.xml.rpc 1.1.2.v202303021806 javax.xml.rpc-api 1.1.4
net.sourceforge.lpg.lpgjavaruntime 1.1.0.v201004271650 2.0.17.v201004271640 Yes
org.apache.commons.csv 1.4.0 org.apache.commons.commons-csv 1.11.0
org.apache.commons.compress 1.22.0.v20221207-1049 org.apache.commons.commons-compress 1.26.1
org.apache.commons.commons-text 1.10.0 org.apache.commons.text 1.12.0 2.8.0.v20210429-knime org.apache.commons.commons-io 2.15.1
org.eclipse.jetty.apache-jsp 10.0.11 org.eclipse.jetty.ee8.apache-jsp 12.0.6
org.eclipse.jetty.servlet 10.0.13 org.eclipse.jetty.ee8.servlet 12.0.6 Yes
org.eclipse.jetty.webapp 10.0.13 org.eclipse.jetty.ee8.webapp 12.0.6
org.w3c.css.sac 1.3.1.v200903091627 org.eclipse.orbit.xml-apis-ext 1.0.0.v20230923-0644 3.0.0.draft20060413_v201105210656 org.eclipse.orbit.xml-apis-ext 1.0.0.v20230923-0644
org.w3c.dom.smil 1.0.1.v200903091627 org.eclipse.orbit.xml-apis-ext 1.0.0.v20230923-0644
org.w3c.dom.svg 1.1.0.v201011041433 org.eclipse.orbit.xml-apis-ext 1.0.0.v20230923-0644
org.w3c.dom.svg.extension 1.1.0.v202303021806 org.eclipse.orbit.xml-apis-ext 1.0.0.v20230923-0644

Major Version Updates

This table lists only the bundles where the old major version has been removed. Bundles for which we only added a new major version are not listed here.

Updated Bundle Old Version New Version 72.1.0 74.2.0
net.minidev.accessors-smart 1.2.0 2.5.0
net.sf.saxon 9.5.18 12.4.0
org.apache.poi 4.1.1 5.2.5
org.apache.xmlbeans 5.1.1 and 3.1.0 5.2.0
various jetty bundles 10.0.13 12.0.6

Download links for the AP 5.3.0 can be found below:

A preview of KNIME Analytics Platform 5.3.0 is now available for testing. If you have any feedback, please let us know by Wednesday, July 3. The tentative release date is July 10. Please note that this is a preview build and by no means recommended for production use.

The KNIME Team


Sounds great :-).

I’m currently working on a python based extension and when doing research on dynamic input ports I came across this topic from about a year ago:

Is there any update on supporting dynamic input ports in python-based extensions?

/nvm: If I read this correctly in the change log of nightly build:

  • AP-19137: Python Nodes: Allow a node to define dynamic ports
    it’s coming :slight_smile:
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Will add hotkeys for β€œOpen output port --Table”?


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