Problem with AF Utilities "Write to Excel Template" node

we’re using AF Utilities “Write to Excel Template” node from @AnotherFraudUser to write some data to some heavily formatted excel files that our users want to keep the way they are.

Our problem is that when the output file path is set to “Relative” it looks like the node adds a prefix to the value that we set, specifically “\<flow name>\”, thus making the path invalid.

Attached is a sample workflow that copies a template file from the input data folder (also attached) to a temp directory and then tries to create a new output file in:
1- the source folder where the template is initially stored (relative path)
2- the temp folder (relative path)
3- the temp fodler (absolute path dynamically generated)

Number 3 is the only one that works, but that’s not applicable when the flow gets published on server.

Has anyone else experienced the same issue? Is there a workaround?
Thanks in advance

prova_template.knwf (26.5 KB)
template.xlsx (9.7 KB)


Hi @s_zanini,

thanks for the info - I’ll look into it :slight_smile:


Hi @s_zanini,

I just created an update for the node which hopefully fixes these issues (at least for me your example now works if i create the data\input_data folder.
Could you check if it now works on your side as well? :slight_smile:

*I just updated the 4.4 version of the Write to Excel Template Node (the other nodes/versions will follow after you confirm :slight_smile: )

Again thanks for the example workflow - it really helped to figure out what was wrong :+1:


Hi @AnotherFraudUser,
I confirm it’s working properly now, both from AP and from server executor.
Thanks a lot for your support!


Great - then I’ll update the rest of the KNIME Versions / Nodes to include this change.
Thanks again for the notice :slight_smile:

But I still hope that there will be an official node with this functionality by the KNIME colleagues in the future :upside_down_face:

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