Problems with Google Query


I have just downloaded KNIME and I am really excited about the possibilties.   I have managed to connect to GoogleAPI, select my project id, but I seem to have some difficulty with dimensions and metrics.  

My understanding is that I add them by name 'ga:<topic>' for a dimension or a metric.  However, I keep getting the error:   

Execute failed: Parameter ids must conform to the pattern ga:[0-9]+

So, my two symptoms are:

The above mentioned error, and when I open the query there is a warning in the query editor stating...Warning: Could not connect to the Google API.

I am stumped.



Additionally, I went to the KNIME YouTub website.   I do not see the helper that allows you to pick the necessary dimensions and metrics.   So, i believe something is missing in my install.   Is there any diagnostic?



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Please follow below thread for information on how to connect to Google analytics API.


Ugh, I think I found the culprit.   Ther service email needs to be added to the Project.    

Let me see what happens.



Howdy, I repeated the exact same error by leaving the knime.workspace flow variable activated in the google analytics connection node, while testing ways to send content out of the node… and later removed it from the google analytics connection tool and this removed the error.

error shown.

removing this from flow variable fixed error.

Recent used this same community post to help understand how to setup the google API in knime, which i posted on community here.

  • per OP, i the right access setup and gained the same error.

Thanks for kick starting the post. Hope it worked out for you.