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Good morning.
I installed knime 5.1.2 on a PC in a network with proxy.
I don’t have proxy administrator credentials.
in this situation I can’t install the knime extensions, as the proxy blocks the download. What can I do to overcome the problem?
I need to work on a workflow that contains the Column Expression node. when I open the workflow I get a message telling me that the node is not present on knime and that I need to install the extension. At this point the proxy blocks the download.
thank you all

You can go to NodePit and download the zip file for the Column Expressions node (the zip file link is at the top right as seen in the picture when you navigate to your desired node), then take the steps in the post below to install the zipped node locally.

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​Thanks for the reply.
however I didn’t understand how I should download “column Expression” from NODEPIT and then install it

Dear @menc,

you can follow these instructions: KNIME Analytics Platform Installation Guide

They allow you to download and use whole update sites or just use update site for specific extensions (if you use the NodePit approach).

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You might have to create and sign into a NodePit account to see the download as zip option.

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