python can not start

Hello everyone.

I’ve been trying to add a Python node to Knime, but it doesn’t work.
(It worked on my other windows PC)
I followed the steps in the link below to set up Python.

However, when I run Python Script, it just says “Starting Python…” in the lower left corner, but I can’t actually run it.
I cannot press the Execute script or the Execute selected lines button.
I tried both the Anaconda configuration and adding the yml manually, but it didn’t work.
The non-Python Knime Nord seems to work as usual.

The only thing that bothers me is that whenever I try to quit the Knime app, it doesn’t quit properly and I end up having to force quit.
I think it’s probably stuck in a Python process that can’t be started.

By the way, I am a beginner in programming.
I hope you all can help me.
Thank you.

@MANJI5718 welcome to the KNIME forum.

These things come to my mind. First you might want to check the latest Python guide:

Then I would suggest you try to use Miniconda and read about how to manage environments in python. Can sound a little bit complicated but once you see that you can just play around with them and put them together as you like it gets easier.

You can always try and use the environment propagation like in this example and see if that would help:

I have collected some additional information about KNIME and python.

Dear @mlauber71 ,
Thank you for your reply.

I tried that using Miniconda and try to generate the environments on conda but I can not improve.
Then Python script have been not able to run.( It’s still saying “Starting Python…”)
I appreciate your several advises but I’m feeling difficult about your link.
I understand Python or Conda’s setteing is not good so I can not running python node maybe , but I have no idea how to improve…

@MANJI5718 sorry to hear that. I think you will have to try a few things in order to make KNIME and Python work together. Here are a few additional hints and a basic example. If you are not successful you might want to provide us with a Log file on DEBUG level (links provided in this thread also):

KNIME has announced a deeper integration with Anaconda. So you might look out for developments in that area.

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