python integration

Hi guys
I’m having problem with integrating python in Knime
I get an error saying I’m missing the library imp.
I made sure that. all of the required packages have been installed.
does anyone know how can I find this library imp?

@AminArbab you seem to use a very new KNIME version (3.12). I think KNIME typically integrates a version around 3.9 currently. Maybe you check again.

A newer version might (or might not) work. More details here:

I think you mean I’m using a new python version, which I’m not. I changed my python version to 3.9 in conda navigator for my environment. It didn’t help:(

Well I assumed that since your screenshot showed this number that you did. You might want to try and install a new version of Python from a fresh conda package either following my article or you could try and install a new version from the KNIME preferences page.

For basic tasks you can also use the Python Extension that would not require a separate installation of packages etc.

Hello @AminArbab ,

You can follow the steps outlined in the documentation here:

Additionally, I have attached a PDF file for your reference.

python_installation_guide.pdf (560.5 KB)