Python Nodes can have multiple table inputs, why not R Snippet nodes?

I can right-click and add ports to Python nodes in KNIME. I am not given the same option for R Snippet nodes. Why not? Googling has only brought up answers from 2010.

Thank you in advance!

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It’s been over 10 years so I’m getting the impression that “two input ports into a R Snippet” is feature that will never be implemented:

Mar. 2010: Create R Node with 2 inputs
Aug. 2015: feature request: Multiple R Snippet inports
Apr. 2022: Adding more ports to R node

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I have added you as a +1 to our corresponding internal ticket (AP-13195), but I am afraid that this is currently not on our roadmap.

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+1 on top of a decade of requests that have no planned resolution isn’t exactly a “No” but it’s pretty close. Is it too technically challenging? Can you provide me with a link to the ticket so that I can see why nobody wants to do this?


Hi @JB_BCT -

Our ticketing system is not publicly accessible - we provide ticket numbers so that we can easily refer to and cross-reference across forum threads when multiple features requests come up. As to why we do or don’t pursue different feature requests, it’s usually an issue of development resources - the dev leads have to pick and choose what the team works on, of course. In recent months, for example, we have put lots of work into the KNIME / Python Integration, but that comes at the expense of other possible integrations.

Our developers do keep an eye on feature requests though! One of the key functions of the forum is, among other things, to make sure the voice of the community is heard.

Just trying to be a bit more transparent about the process.


Hi @ScottF,

Thank you for your transparency. I was excited to be able to use R in KNIME but not being able to combine data within an R Snippet node is so limiting that it’s not worth introducing R code into my KNIME workflows - especially when I can use a Python node that does have this (IMO basic) functionality right now.

It’s not surprising that KNIME’s roadmap doesn’t include this feature - I for one will be avoiding R in KNIME in lieu of Python going forward.

Still: I encourage KNIME to consider that addressing AP-13195 could increase KNIME’s audience overall. Also: I am open to providing additional feedback on R-related features if it ever becomes relevant.

Take care!

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Sincere thanks for the feedback - from one R user to another!


Have you considered the alternatives mentioned here?

Admittedly using a certain amount of nodes to ‘add’ data might not be ideal. The use of several Parquet files might at first add additional effort but you could also use the files later with KNIME or other software (like Python for example).

I would use R mostly when there are special tasks where there is no dedicated KNIME node.

Sincere thank you but I’ve considered that most of the alternatives are more involved than right-clicking and selecting “Add ports” as one does on the Python node. I’m able to use Python so I’ll set aside the R Snippet node. Long live AP-13195, tho! Take care!


@JB_BCT glad you found a solution with the use of Python. When using Java, Python or R with KNIME I would always assume it will take some coding so I usually do not mind the additional steps but I agree the (new) concept of just adding input ports (and several types like pickle and images) is a very useful feature and makes for a much clearer workflow structure.


I’d like to echo my support for this to be addressed as well.


Hi, I do agree, R is not dead :slight_smile:


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