Python Source - Autocompletion does not work

Hello, I saw there was similar topic with earlier versions, but this was closed.
I am using KNIME 4.7 and Anaconda on a windows machine. My Knime Python Settings arent showing any faults, with my anaconda environments.

When i am using any Python node, like Python Source, i get errors for autocompleting: “UserWarning: An Error occured while autocompleting”

As in the old topic mentioned i tryed to install different jedi versions to the anaconda environment, without any success.

Hi estevan1973 and welcome to the forum,

which older topic? Could you send us from KNIME log (Vies -> Open KNIME log) the part printed when trying to use autocompletion? Do you also get that error when using the current Python nodes (Python Source for example is legacy since 4.7)? Could you also provide us with the Conda version you are using (Preferences -> KNIME -> Conda)?

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Hi steffen, thank you for the quick response.
The Older Topic was here:

The Python Script node generates the same Error as Python source. The Conda Version is 22.11.1

Here is the Part of the KNIME log:
2022-12-13 16:46:33,781 : WARN : Thread-9 : : PythonKernel : Python Source (legacy) : 4:1 : D:\knime_4.6.3\plugins\org.knime.python2_4.7.0.v202211231416\py\ UserWarning: An error occurred while autocompleting.

Hi estevan1973,

thanks for the information. Which OS do you use? I can reproduce it on my machine, we will look into it.

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Es handelt sich um ein Windows 10 Enterprise Version 21H2

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