Questions about my posts about version 4.7.1


In my first posts in version 4.7.1 I found and described some errors and problems with nodes relevant to me.

It focused on the following:

Spatial weights:

Is created via the RowID. The selection of an ID column is missing. Here you can help yourself by setting the ID column to RowID.

But in the table, the focal and neighbor column types are String. It follows that the nodes “Local Moran’s I” and “Local Getuis-Ord G” which require the spatial weights do not work. Focal and neighbor must be of type integer.

Please refer:

Local Moran’s I

As a result, too many LH, HL are output. See also:

Please refer:
Local Moran’s I too many LH, HL

Local Getuis Ord G:

If the results in the Local Getis-Ord G column are to define the clusters. Then the values are wrong. is common

0 = not significant, 1 = low, 2 = high

Therefore, no map can be created. There was no answer for this either.

Please refer:

How are tickets opened for this? I couldn’t find anything in GitHub.
I have updated to 4.7.2.



Hi @Patrik -

Sorry for the delay here. Let me ask one of our developers to follow up on this. (It may take a little while yet since most of them are very busy with the KNIME Spring Summit this week).

Hi @PatrikS, about the selection of an ID column, we will have this function in the next version of the extension. For the rest of the issues, we will work on it and hopefully, we can solve the issues in the next release.

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@PatrikS Mean the while if you could provide some test workflows to reproduce the problem mentioned here that would be great!

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Hello xiaokang_fu

Thanks for the feedback. I have compiled data for you. But I can’t upload it publicly.
How can I give you the data.


Hi, maybe you could add a google drive link here, and I could send a request for access. I just resolved most of the problems you mentioned here. Hopefully, we could release our next version very soon. Welcome to try out after that. It should be within 1 month.

Hello xiaokang_fu,

does this also work with google drive from your side?
Don’t have Google Drive.


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