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I have a number of (non-legacy) quickforms that are dependent on each other or wrapped metanodes. What I’m looking for is a ‘paginated’ / workflow approach to stepping through these quickforms, rather than having to right-click > execute the quickforms one-by-one.

Because of the dependencies / wrapped metanodes in between I can’t simply Wrap all the quick-forms in a metanode and execute that single node.

There was talk of a quickform execution wizard feature towards the end of last year, per the thread below - does anyone know where this ended up?


Many thanks.

Hi @xeijin,

You can find the threads here Can't get Quickform Execution to work.



@christian.dietz that is the same thread I linked to in my original post … I was hoping someone had an answer on when the execution wizard will make it to the Desktop application (the thread says end of the year [2017] but I’m not aware of any additional functionality in this regard for 3.5.1 or 3.5.2)

You’ll find the views on wrapped meta nodes in KNIME 3.4 – they contain all relevant functionality that is also available in the KNIME Server WebPortal, including interactive filtering and selection type events. This was more functionality than originally anticipated. Going back and forth between different pages in workflow is not available and not immediately planned. You can obviously do that manually since you are interacting with the KNIME workflow anyway.

Hope this helps,

Yes I’m aware of that functionality but it’s not of much use for dependent nodes, which still need to be executed one after the other. Either way it sounds like switching between pages is not planned for the near future so thank you for clarifying.

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