R Script _ Calculate NPV - IRR and XNPV - XIRR workflows

Hi Knimers,
As a Black Friday’s end off week offer and just for free, I am releasing these two workflows that were worked out because of the post IRR Calculation with KNIME ; and leaving them in the advantage of the KNIME Community. As it seems there isn’t currently a free financial package or formula calculating this function in KNIME.

As commented in the mentioned post -where NPV and IRR was calculated-; almost for free (few lines of coding plus), there was an open possibility to code for the XNP and XIRR functions as well.

This Financial R package is published in jrvarma GitHub space and it is commented as follow:
“This R package implements the basic financial analysis functions similar to (but not identical to) what is available in most spreadsheet software.” (Jayanth Varma @ GitHub - jrvarma/jrvFinance: R package for financial present value functions and option pricing)

I did a QC on the workflow results and I found that in fact is offering identical results. However due to the poor convert handling of my Date to Years Decimal metanode (that it is not currently handling Leaps) I found some deviations for the XNPV and XIRR in the order of ~10e-4. I’m sharing this GoogleSheets evaluation results with you.

There’s always some room for improvement…



Having said that:




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