R source community node connection error

Error from the community R source node:

ERROR R Source 2:13 Execute failed: Failed to parse the script:
eval failed

the script is 1+1

R 3.5.2

Rserve 1.7.3

Starting R using:


Rserve(debug = TRUE, args = "–RS-conf /Rserv.conf --vanilla")

Rserv.conf content:

remote enable
auth disable
fileio enable
maxinbuf 500000

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

To use the community R source node you will have to start the RServe from R itself. Like this (you will have to have Rserve and RSclient installed):


Rserve(port = 6311, debug = FALSE, args = “–vanilla”)

# start the RServe(er)
rsc <- RSconnect(port = 6311)

# shutdown the server after you used it

And you will have to set the preferences


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