Read all sheets from an XLS file in a loop

This workflow demonstrates how to read all sheets from an XML file using the XML Reader node together with the Read XLS Sheet Names node in a loop.

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When i use large excel file, am facing the issue like ‘GC overhead limit exceed’, could you please give solution?

Hi @baljicbe,

you could try to increase the amount of memory Java is allowed to use. To do so, you need to increase the Xmx value in the knime.ini. See here (under How can I increase the Java Heap Space for KNIME?) for instructions.




am using R script in R Source(Table), when i execute it shows the following error
importBufferedDataTable(): Supporting only ‘data.frame’, ‘data.table’, ‘matrix’ and ‘list’ for type of “knime.out” (was ‘tbl_df’).

any solution?

Balaji G

Hi @baljicbe,

unfortunately I’m not very ‘fluent’ in R, however that error indicates that the object you’re assigning to knime_out hast the wrong type. Could you check the type and make sure it is one of the types mentioned in the error message?
If that doesn’t solve the problem, could you maybe upload a workflow showing the error?



Thanks, i got the answer from other peer

Hi, is there a way to skip an empty sheet ?

Hi @nd1992 -

Have you tried incorporating an Empty Table Switch?

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Is there a way to collect all the data from all the sheets by concatenating the rows instead of appending rows?