Reading data from Knime Server

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I am trying to execute simple workflow in Knime Server, where I have to read data from local file system(from my desktop)
It is saying that the specified file does not exist

Message from the server

The workflow in local workspace
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Hi @Karlygash

Would this be a solution in your case? :

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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Ps: This component is based on the -File Upload Widget-



hi @aworker !) How are you?

I have question related to KNime Server.
How do u usually run files from the shared folder or local computer?
For example, I selected the workflow and deployed to the server. In the server I thought that it is automatically looks for the path and takes the file.
Should I put all the files that i have to the Knime Server? But I dont think that it is good option, because lets say that I have 200 files, I should move all of them to the server.

Hi @Karlygash !

I’m well thank you. hope you are doing well too :smiley: !

Please have a look at the following thread:

May be a KNIME Team Member or @ipazin can update us on this subject :wink:




Hi @Karlygash

We didn’t yet get to implement a widget to upload multiple files at once. Hence, you will need to make the files accessible to the server in a different way.

One common way, if you access files from a single workflow, is to add them to the data folder within your workflow.
In case you use the same files in multiple workflows, you may also want to upload them to the server and access them relative to the current mountpoint.

Take a look at Reading Files in KNIME - YouTube, which explains different ways of accessing files.

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@marvin.kickuth Thanks for clarifying and providing several alternatives.

@Karlygash maybe an extra option is to a-priori zip all the files you want to upload, upload the -single- file zip using the -File Upload Widget- node and then implement inside your workflow a small component which unzips your zipped file and makes them available to your workflow in a specific workflow folder.

Be aware that if you save files into your workflow and you place it on the server, your files will remain as “constant” files in the workflow. This is fine if your files are for instance files that are always needed. However, if they need to be uploaded as new data every time your workflow is run, then this is not the best and will oblige you to upload a new workflow every time. The Zip solution would be a better solution in this case. The advantage of this solution is that you can upload several files as desired. However, its downside is that the users will need to zip their files beforehand which may be good enough for you but cumbersome for other users than yourself.

Alternatively and as suggested by @marvin.kickuth, if you have files that should always be made available from the workflow, for instance “demo data” or “by default” files, specific to your workflow, then this is a right option. If the “by default files” are common to different workflows, then it would be better practice to have a common storage place in your server, so that different workflows can share them.

These are just a few hints on top of those proposed by @marvin.kickuth which maybe could help in your case as well.

Eventually it would be great and easier if a -Multi File Upload Widget- node could be available :slight_smile:

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